Slika novice

Ljubljana, 4th October 2018 - Adventura holding has entered into its fourth strategic investment. Adventura holding and its partner company Glen have signed a Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) with Terme Čatež for the acquisition of a 100% equity stake in Marina Portorož. For the purpose of the takeover, Adventura holding and Glen have already established a joint company, in which each partner has a 50% equity stake. The acquisition of Marina Portorož will be primarily financed with own funds.

Before the change of ownership, Marina Portorož has to carve out assets that are not part of the transaction. The completion of the transaction is scheduled for early 2019. One of the conditions before signing the SPA was arrangements for the legal relations between Marina Portorož and the Municipality of Piran. Adventura holding and Glen, as the new owners of the Marina Portorož, fully supported the deal that was concluded. Under the new concession agreement, the annual concession for Marina Portorož has increased by almost four times, to EUR 180,000 plus VAT.

Marina Portorož will take the leading role in Adventura holding’s pillar of marina management. Adventura holding already has a majority equity stake in the Nautički centar Liburnia, which operates a dry marina on the Croatian island of Krk, with a total of 350 dry berths.

“We are aware that Marina Portorož is extremely important for the local community, which has been connected to the marina since the 1970s, when the first boathouse for sports and recreational purposes was constructed on the abandoned salt pans. That is why we will strive to have an open dialogue with the local community. The agreement, which has, after many years, settled opened issues between the municipality and the company, is certainly a good starting point on which we can build a joint future. On the one hand, the agreement and the new concession contract provide numerous benefits and protect the public interest, and on the other hand, they open new development opportunities for Marina Portorož. As with the rest of our companies, we are also aware, with Marina Potorož, that the company needs to be developed and brought to the future with the support of the local community. The development of the location has to be looked at comprehensively and it also needs to improve the quality of life,” said the CEO of Adventura holding Aleš Škerlak, when signing the SPA.