“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

 - Stephen Hawking - 

Adventura holding invests in majority stakes of prospective companies which it wants to restructure, expand their business and take them into the future. With a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience in their fields, Adventura holding is able to make fast decisions and enter investments on a standalone basis or together with other partners.

In record-breaking time Adventura holding grew into one of the largest Slovenian groups with roughly EUR 250 mln annual revenue and close to 1500 employees.

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Currently Adventura holding has four investment pillars:
1. travel and mobility,
2. IT,
3. retail and
4. marina management

1st pillar
Adventura holding owns Nomago Group, that was created with the merger of Izletnik Celje, Avrigo Nova Gorica, Promet Mesec, AP Rižana and STA Potovanja. Nomago is now the largest Slovene travel organiser and provider of comprehensive mobility solutions and has subsidiaries in Croatia and Italy. The strategic goal of Nomago is to become the leading provider of mobility solutions between Venice and Dubrovnik.
2nd pillar 
The retail industry is already undergoing dramatic changes and complete digital transformation. The core Adventura holding company in the retail business is Big Bang, the largest Slovenian retailer of consumer electronics. Big Bang was the pioneer in its segment and still holds leading market share in Slovenia. Besides that, the company is also a business partner of several global technology companies.
3rd pillar 
Information technology is heavily intertwined in practically all of Adventura holding’s companies. With investment in technology company Marg, Adventura holding stepped into a segment that the majority of corporations will sooner or later have to focus on if they want to undergo their digital transformation.
4th pillar 
The core investment in marina management is Marina Portorož, the largest marina on the Slovenian coast with an excellent strategic position in the Adriatic Sea. Marina Portorož is the first marina built in Slovenia and has over 1000 berths available in the sea, on shore and in hangars. Part of this pillar is also the Croatian company Nautički centar Liburnia that manages a dry dock marina on the island of Krk.
The goal of Adventura holding is to further strengthen the four strategic pillars and/or enter new segments.

  • Full company name: Adventura holding, upravljanje družb, d.d.
  • Short company name: Adventura holding, d.d.
  • Business address: Vošnjakova ulica 3, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
  • Tax number: SI 17392071
  • Registration number: 6915159000
  • Share capital 7.107.500 €
  • Bank account: SI 17392071
  • Website: www.adventura-holding.com
  • T: (01) 431 77 17
  • E: info@adventura-holding.si
  • Management board
  • Darko Martin Klarič, president of the management board
  • Tilen Klarič, member of the management board
  • Aleš Škerlak, member of the management board and Chief Executive Director

August 2019

Nomago signs an SPA agreement for the acquisition of 100% equity stake in Integral Brebus.

June 2019

Nomago expands to 7 European countries.

February 2019

STA Potovanja rebranded to Nomago Travel.

November 2018

AP Rižana merges into Nomago.

October 2018

Adventura holding signs an SPA agreement with Terme Čatež for the acquisition of an 100% equity stake in Marina Portorož, the largest marina on the Slovenian coast. Adventura holding strengthens its strategic pillar of marina management.

September 2018

Adventura holding becomes 100% owner of Big Bang and officially enters into its fourth strategic pillar of retail.

September 2018

Nomago takes over the transport and tourism company Alibus International and strengthens its presence in Italy. 

September 2018

STA Travel merges into Nomago.

May 2018

Avrigo and Izletnik Celje merge and are renamed to Nomago that also takes over management of Brioni Pula. The brand Nomago is born and the merged company becomes the no.1 mobility service provider in Slovenia.

April 2018

Adventura holding is selected as the highest bidder for a 100% equity stake in Big Bang, the leading electronic appliances retailer in Slovenia.

March 2018

Avrigo buys a 100% equity stake in the travel company AP Rižana.

Januar 2018

Avrigo buys a 50% equity stake in STA Travel.

November 2017

Avrigo buys a 30% equity stake in the transportation company Promet Mesec that merges into Avrigo.

November 2017

Adventura holding buys a majority equity stake in Croatian company NC Liburnia and enters into the strategic pillar of marine management.